Max Gfeller's Blog

Hello World

My name is Max and i´m a software developer living in Switzerland. I love open source, javascript and generally building things.

Why am i doing this blog?

As i love to work on side projects and hack on nifty little pieces of software i happen to learn a lot on different topics and stumble across many problem.

This blog has the purpose to show off cool hacks, and solutions to problems i had.

The plan is to write a blog post each week but i’m not sure if i can fulfill that promise.

The setup

The blog is built om the awesome Octopress which is a blogging framework built on the Jekyll static site generator.

Octopress offers the availability to write the texts in Markdown (which i a great markup language that is being compiled to html code), has a great code embedding view and happens to have a lot of plugins available. It is very leightweight as it only consists of static files and can easily be hosted anywhere.

The source code for my blog lays in an own Github repository, so that i can access it from everywhere and write new blog posts very quickly.

The blog itself is hosted at Cyon - where i work - and available under

Octopress/Jekyll offers various ways to easily deploy the site to a server. Because i have ssh enabled at my webhosting i chose rsync: deploying is now as easy like typing rake deploy


If you like what i’m writing you should follow me on Twitter and on Github.